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Circles has the privilege of being the world's first fully digital telco operator and platform provider with our consumer operations Circles.Life and digital telco platform Circles X. As a cloud-native company, Circles Global offers a suite of solutions for clients aiming to launch a digital telco, expand into new markets, or evolve their digital ecosystems.

Telcos are facing intense pressure to adapt. However, digital transformations for traditional operators are complex, costly, and risky endeavors. Circles Global has all the answers you need to start a digital telco.

Our telco partners are established market leaders

The Circles Global – Circles.Life connection

Telco solutions only a telco operator can provide

Circles Global grew when Circles.Life, a Singapore-based consumer telco operator, broke into the industry. In less than five years, Circles.Life grew into a prime player in the ultra-competitive industry.

The company has expanded into five markets and gained over 1 million subscribers. This unprecedented growth was fuelled by a digital-forward, customer-focused mindset.

Customer Centricity

NPS >50

99+% customer satisfaction.

Subscriber growth engine


1% Market share in first 6-8 months, then growing to 7% in 5th year.

Strong digital ecosystem


ARPU uplift from digital ecosystem products and partnerships.

Lean operating model


10-person team at launch, and 12- to 15-person team once 100,000 subscribers are surpassed.

This is what Circles.Life has achieved. Now, imagine what Circles Global can do for you.

Key Milestones

Circles’ path to reimagining digital telcos

Circles is one of the fastest-growing telco tech firms in the world. We have established a track record of constant innovation and seamless execution of digital telcos.

Circles Global is the driving force behind Circles.Life and successful digital telco launches in Japan and Indonesia that provide superior customer experience and a comprehensive ecosystem of digital services.


Circles.Life was founded in Singapore by Abhishek Gupta, Rameez Ansar, and Adeel Najam


The team develops an early version of Circles X and the Circles.Life brand is born


Circles.Life launches in Singapore with the support of Circles Global


Circles.Life is now the most searched Singapore telco on Google, with an industry high NPS of 50+


Circles.Life is the fastest growing telco among Singapore’s top 5 telcos. Circles Global launched Discover, an AI-powered digital events service


Circles.Life successfully expanded into Taiwan and Australia with Circles Global. Launched single line code


Circles Global secures SaaS telco contracts. Circles.Life expands their digital services in Singapore with the launch of digital insurance with AXA. Circles Academy is launched to support early careers in tech


Launched the region’s largest employee ESOP buyback program. Circles.Life is the first digital telco to launch 5G


Circles launched Circles Global R&D in Singapore

Circles Global leaders

The inner circle

An experienced roster of industry leaders are at the helm of Circles Global. With their combined digital and telco experience, they propel Circles Global to greater heights—and, in turn, enable the company to provide forward-thinking solutions for its clients.


Central Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Senior Board Advisors

Rameez Ansar

Former Temasek & BCG Harvard Business School

Adeel Najam

Former Starhub, Huawei & Nokia

Abhishek Gupta

Former Bain Capital, McKinsey & Standard Chartered PE

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