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Warehouse & Distribution Facilities

Warehouses are critical parts of the overall supply chain. They are the points where the product pauses and is touched, consuming both space and time (labor hours). Space and time, in turn, are expenses. By developing mathematical and computer models to fine-tune the layout and operations of a warehouse, managers can significantly reduce labor costs associated with product distribution, increase warehouse space utilization, and improve the overall flow of project.

In response to the challenges facing warehousing and distribution centers both at home and abroad, the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) established a Center of Focused Research in Warehousing and Distribution. Housed in the Supply Chain and Logistics Institute, Dr. John Bartholdi serves as its director. Bartholdi, the Manhattan Associates Chair of Supply Chain Management, and Associate Professor Steven Hackman are developing a science of warehousing and distribution to optimize such aspects as management, storage and handling, layout, operations, and order-picking. item flow-through times.
Some current research activities include:

Creating efficient and effective warehousing and distribution systems is an extremely important initiative that is vital to supply chain management and the global economy.

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